Aaron Ross — Opus Alchymicum

Video compilation 1991-1999 by Aaron F. Ross

Warning: some of these videos include intense flickering light. View at your own risk!

Collection of short avant-garde video works by Aaron F. Ross. The artist weaves music and video together to create abstract visual music. Among the tools employed are rare analog video synthesizers and 3D computer animation. These pieces range from personally transformative to satirical. A unique collection of unusual cultural artifacts.

Selected exhibitions:

Prix Ars Electronica, Linz
Videonale 5, Bonn
California Institute of the Arts, AMPAS Theater
Artists Television Access, San Francisco
International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Helsinki
WRO '05, Sound Basis Visual Arts Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Montreal
SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, Los Angeles
Berlin Interfilm Festival
Short Attention Span, New York
7th International Videoweek, Geneva
Behind the Screen, Exploratorium, San Francisco
Graphic Sonic, San Francisco Cinematheque
iotaCenter Artist Salon, University of California Los Angeles


    Music by Olivier Delarue
    1992, 5 minutes
Warning: stroboscopic flicker

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